Passed Network+

I got back from the testing center a little while ago with a big smile on my face. I scored 845 out of 900. A passing score was 720 so I definitely wasn’t on the border. According to my quick math, that is around 93% which was consistent with practice test yesterday. I finished the test in about 30 minutes and found myself literally rushing through it. A couple of times I told myself to slow down followed by telling myself to keep going. I kept looking at the question number at the top of the screen and was just counting down until it was over. It was as if I needed to get it done fast as possible just to get to the score. The Todd Lammle book prepared me well and there was nothing on the test I had not seen in the book. I finished the last question, clicked finish, and took a deep breath as I waited for the score to appear. However, no score appeared as the first of fifteen CompTIA demographic questions popped up. I flew through those in less than a minute and clicked finish again. There was a slight delay (my heart skipped a beat) and the 845 / 900 appeared on the screen along with a congratulations message. I went from anxious to excited in nanoseconds and couldn’t contain my ear to ear grin.

One Goal Achieved!

Next up, I start studying for the Security+ exam.


Test Day – Final Prep

I used yesterday as my final prep day for the Network+ exam today. I started around 10 am and finished about 1:30 am. I took an hour break around 5pm and a couple hour break around 10pm. Throughout the day I checked out some networking forums and jotted down some topics that people stated were covered on the test and that I felt I could use more review on. The Network+ study guide I used (Todd Lammle’s) had 20 review questions at the end of each chapter. I completed those as I went along and yesterday morning I combined them all into one document. I then unbolded the correct answers to use as my final practice test. In the evening, I took the test which consisted of 400 multiple choice questions and scored 93.96% correct. I missed more questions than I would have liked in chapters 4 and 13 so I added that to my review list.

My review list ended up looking like this:

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Countdown – Network+ Exam

Exam prices are high. In fact, Cisco recently raised the price of their exams. As I was approaching the end of my CompTIA Network+ self-study I started looking for deals on exam vouchers. The normal price of the voucher is $253 which I consider to be about double the price for the value of this particular certification. I was searching EBay earlier today and found a listing that had a total of 8 Network+ vouchers for sale with 2 having been sold already. The price was $125 but there was a catch. These vouchers were expiring on March 7th, 2012 and had to be used quickly. I’ve completed 19 of 20 chapters in my study material and have taken the bonus practice exams already so I am only a couple of days away from completing my self-study and review. I had basically set a timeframe of March 5th – 11th for taking the exam so while “before the 7th” was a little early in this window, it is still in the window. I purchased the voucher and am registered to take the exam on March 6th. I plan to finish chapter 20 this weekend and use Monday the 5th as a full day/night review of the material. While I am a little anxious about the exam I know in my heart that waiting longer just makes the material less fresh in my mind. I am reasonably confident at this point but also still nervous about failing. I’ll post my results either way after I take the test.