I started this blog back on February 12th, 2012 and in my first post I outlined my goals. I’ve read material in a lot of different places that indicate that goal setting is important. They say if you want to achieve something then you need to set goals with milestone points. I’m happy to say that at this point I have reached all my original goals. I have crossed the finish line to some degree. Here is the original list again with completion dates.

My Original Goals

1. CompTIA Network+ (Certified 3-6-2012)
2. CompTIA A+ (Certified 6-6-2012)
3. CompTIA Security+ (Certified 4-19-2012)
4. Cisco CCENT (Certified 6-1-2012)
5. Cisco CCNA (Certified 8-20-2012)
6. Decide which Cisco certification to work on next

As I look back and think about those original goals I remember thinking that it was a lot do accomplish. It seemed intimidating at that time. I mean, I needed to take 5 exams (technically 6 since A+ requires 2 tests) to get those certifications. Each certification was going to take reading at least one 500-700 page book as well as additional study. The whole thing seemed like a hug undertaking at the beginning. However, I started chipping away a little bit at a time each milestone made things a bit easier. I passed all exams on the 1st attempt until the ICND2 exam so I did not have any major setbacks until then. The thing that sort of amazes me know is looking at the time frame and realizing that I got this done in a total of 6 months.

So now I am down to number 6 on the list which really is not a goal but a call for action after completing the original 5 goals. Just like at the beginning of the original goals, I am once again feeling intimidated. In fact, I am debating whether or not to set new goals at this point. I know the things that I would like to accomplish but they seem so huge at this point. This feeling is telling me that I *do* need to go ahead and make the list now. I have quite a few certifications in mind so I am going to make two lists.

New Long Term Goals (The Big Picture)

1. CCNP Routing & Switching
2. CCNA Security
4. CCNA Voice
5. MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician on Windows 7
6. CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician
8. CompTIA Linux+

Short Term Goals (the road directly in front of me)

1. CCNP Route Exam
2. CCNP Switch Exam
3. CCNP Troubleshooting Exam
4. Microsoft 70-680 Exam
5. Microsoft 70-685 Exam

The Microsoft exams are kind of an interesting addition as I do not really have a great deal of interest there. However, I am taking two classes in the upcoming semester that are aligned with those tests so it makes sense to take the exams at the end.


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