ICND2 – Take 2 – Exam Later Today

Last Wednesday I scheduled my INCD2 exam (again). The original goal date was 08-17-2012 but I just didn’t feel I would be ready in 2 days so I scheduled it for today. I was up late last night playing the Cisco Aspire game and once again I had trouble sleeping. I do not know what it is about the ICND2 exam that makes it so intimidating but it really works the nerves over. So I woke up this morning without getting a good night of sleep. I normally relax on exam day and do not cover any material. Today I am studying. So I start into my 2nd attempt by making two mistakes again: not getting enough rest and cramming. Part of me feels that I am going to totally redeem myself since I only missed passing my 7 points last time. Another part of me feels like I am going to do worse than last time. On my last attempt there were 4 or 5 questions (2 on one topic) that would have made the difference. I am also feeling that maybe I spent too much time focusing on those areas and not enough on everything else. What happens if I do not even get questions on those topics again? Honestly, I did not get as much studying done in the last two weeks as I wanted. The exam is in about 5 hours so whether I like it or not, I’m up to bat again. I’m really not sure if I can handle another crushing defeat on this exam. One thing is certain though: I will keep taking this exam until I pass. I am committed to that! Hopefully, my stress and worries about the ICND2 exam and CCNA will be in the rearview mirror very soon. Now, it is time to go review more.


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