Cisco Aspire CCNA Edition

I started playing Cisco Aspire CCNA Edition last Thursday and found it not only to be a lot of fun but quite useful for studying as well. You can read all about the game on the Cisco web site so I’ll forgo the general description of the game and only talk about the specifics.

The Good:

Pertinent Material
Similar to Labbing

The Bad:

Bugs – the kind that require you to load a saved game and re-do an entire contract in order to progress
Format/Cost – The game requires you to purchase tokens to unlock contracts in the game. I purchased 1000 tokens for $50 which allowed me to unlock everything. However, the tokens work only on that single install. In my case it on a Windows XP virtual machine using Parallels. If I want to install and play the game on my laptop I would have to buy a whole new batch of tokens.

Overall, I had fun playing and am on the next to last contract of the game. Unfortunately, I have no more time to play before the exam. I definitely recommend the game if you have the means.

My number one tip though: Save early and save often! 🙂


One comment on “Cisco Aspire CCNA Edition

  1. Hello, I have some problems in passing through this game.
    Wondering if I could ask some questions? Since the discussion board of Cisco doesn’t very active.
    It is the ACL setting in “Convert School Network”.

    I have delete the deny statements and added

    permit tcp host host eq www
    permit tcp host host eq www

    but it still did not let me pass , thankyou!

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