ICND2 Reflection and Plans

It was a bit depressing to fail the ICND2 test especially since I was so close to the passing score. I guess the good news though is that I am not far away in my knowledge/skills. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit and realize that I left some easy ones on the table that would have made the difference. This is particularly true in the IPv6 scope. A few of the questions were somewhat confusing. I read them and immediately formulated and answer/solution in my head. Then I looked at the list of answers and the one that came to my mind at first was not in the list of answers. This left me scratching my head and wondering what they were trying to get at. I feel as if I missed a few of these and plan to review. Specifically, I am going to re-read the OSPF, IPv6, NAT, and advanced ACL chapters again. Also, I never got the chance to read any of the Todd Lammle book that I bought so I am going to try to get through most or all of the ICND2 pertinent chapters in his book as well. I am definitely, re-taking the exam soon. The tentative date is 8/14/2012. (week from this Friday) Over the next few days, I also want to get my chapter reviews up for the last 4 chapters that I did not get done before the exam last time. I’ll end this post with a few facts that I should have memorized that would have helped made a difference on the exam.


Link Local addresses begin with FE80::/10

FF02::2 multicasts to ALL ROUTERS on a subnet, FF02::1 multicasts to ALL NODES on a subnet.

I need to memorize all the reserved addresses and address types. I will cover that in my review.


The default VTP mode is Server mode.


One comment on “ICND2 Reflection and Plans

  1. Hi Carl, sorry to hear of your exam score. Wishing you the best of luck for the 14th! I’m sure you will nail the ICND2 then. I enjoy reading your blog as what you have gone through/going through is no doubt what I will encounter when my journey starts this month. I’ve been reading the Todd Lammle book thus far and am trying to read as many other sources to give me as much rounded info as possible. What you have written isn’t only inspiring, but pertinent to any CCNA wannabe and the stumbling blocks you have hit, along with how you solved the problems, provide others with valuable information. Thank you.

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