Been Back on the Attack

Wow, my last post was around 6 weeks ago which seems like forever. Before passing ICND1 in the beginning of June the original plan was to take a short break and then start on ICND2. Then I passed the test and was so excited that I changed my mind and intended to start ICND2 right away. However, the A+ opportunity presented itself and I ended up taking and passing it on June 6th. With another victory under the belt I was still ready to get chugging along on ICND2 right away. However, a lot of work trips really threw me for a loop. As a point of reference, I live in Tennessee. Since my June 12th post, I have made 4 trips to Alabama, 9 trips to Arkansas, and 1 trip to to Oklahoma for work. All of the Arkansas trips were day trips but the others involved overnight/multi-night stays. I got 1/2 way through chapter 1 of the Cisco Press INCD2 book 3 times at the beginning of July and just never could get the whole chapter read. (too many distractions, etc.) On July 10th, I decided that way too much time had slipped away and that I need to really put my nose to the grindstone and get to work on ICND2. So I created an aggressive schedule that started on July 10th and I have managed to get 9 full study days under my belt with tomorrow being the 10th and last. This accounts for the lack of blog posts recently. I just finished the last chapter (IPv6) of the ICND2 book earlier today. The test is scheduled for Friday, August 3rd. It has been very stressful and I do not feel 100% ready for the exam. However, I am scheduled to go to Alabama again next week so I just have to bite the bullet and take the test on the 3rd. If I fail then I can look at the breakdown of the score and see where I need more study. If I pass, happy days and I start the planning phase for CCNP Route. Tomorrow is going to consist of finishing the last couple NetSim IPv6 labs and then reviewing all my highlights from the book.


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