Been working – Did Pass A+ Exams

I have been in and out of town several times since June 6th and have been busy with my money earning work and have not had a chance to get to the blog. However, I did want to make a quick post to reflect that I did indeed path both a+ exams on the 6th. I scored an 812 in the 220-701 (Essentials) exam and found it to reasonably easy. I took about a 10 minute break after the exam and then went straight to the next exam. I score a 780 on the 220-702 (Practical) exam and was a bit disappointed by that score. However, during the exam I was seriously questioning whether I was going to pass at all. I had conceded that I was not going to try and memorize two pages of CPU socket and memory types and had hoped that there would only be one question or so on that area. Unfortunately, there were several questions along those lines. There was quite a bit of coverage on the multitude of Windows utilities including recovery options and I was not strong in that area. Overall, I thought there were some less than stellar questions on the second exam. In the end though, I managed to pass with a reasonable score (not barely passing) and I am now A+ certified!

I have some more work related travel over the next week and then it is on to the ICND2 studies.


2 comments on “Been working – Did Pass A+ Exams

    • I had a class at the local community college but the real truth is that I have been working on PCs since 1987 so it was really just a matter of learning the new Windows stuff since I switched to Mac back in the XP days. I did read the 31 Days Until your A+ cover to cover though and I read several chapters of the A+ Exam Cram book. Bottom line is that outside of the 3 month long class, I spent about a week on A+ studies.

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