ICND1 Tomorrow

It has been kind of a rough week. I got little done over the Memorial day weekend in regards to study and ended up having to do a 17 hour drive/work/drive last Tuesday. Wednesday I was fairly exhausted and had to make a big decision regarding my upcoming ICND1 exam. I still had several chapters to go in the Odom book as well as a lot of labs in Network Simulator and time was running out. I seriously debated rescheduling the exam date and pushing it out 5-10 days. In the end, I decided to keep the date and really hit the book today. I started early this morning and finished chapter 14, jumped to chapter 19, and completed the reading all the way to the end of chapter 24. I had intended to go back and read the sub-netting chapters but there simply is not enough time at this point and I feel good on sub-netting. I tore through a lot of the remaining NetSim labs and started a Pearson practice exam that was included with the book. This was the second practice exam I took. I took one on the 28th and failed with a score of 667. Tonight I passed with a score of 880, reviewed the questions I missed, and felt pretty good about the whole thing. I missed 5 questions and at least 2 of those were due to question wording. At this point my nerves are shot and I am definitely wanting to get to the exam and get it over. I have not been feeling well today and I am hoping that whatever is ailing me is gone tomorrow.

I will definitely be taking a break for a week to ten days after the exam tomorrow just to recharge my batteries. Hopefully, I will be starting ICND2 studies at that time and not prepping to re-take the ICND1 exam.


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