My Little Lab

Last Sunday I loaded my Craigslist search application (for Mac) which has a couple of searches programmed for Cisco lab equipment. I found someone selling (3) Cisco 2610XM routers and (2) Cisco 3550 switches for $200 which seemed like a very good deal to me. After some research I contacted the seller and made arrangements to purchase the gear. One of the routers had less memory than advertised so I ended up leaving with all the equipment for $180. Earlier this week I ordered a small rack from for $32 with shipping. If money were no object I probably would have picked up this rack. (which I still want to do in the future) I also picked up a couple of 128MB sticks of memory from an EBay seller for $17 total. So for an investment of $229 I now have the following:


I want to be able to use this lab for CCENT/CCNA and not have to buy a ton more to do CCNP in the future. In the short term, I want to add one more router and two more switches. Four routers will allow me to configure one as a frame-relay switch. More switches will allow me to explore STP, VLANs, and VLAN Trunking more fully. I’ll also need some more interface cards in order to accomplish this but I think this is a good start for $229.


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