Passed Security+

I just got back from the testing center with a pass on the Security+ exam. I went into the exam very confident. I had made a 97% and a 96% on my two practice exams and was feeling really good after using the flashcards and practice tests in the iPad application. (link in my last post) However, My confidence level was all over the place during the exam. Many of the questions were worded very strangely and I struggled at times to determine just what they were trying to ask. The further I got into the test the lower my confidence got. I still felt that I knew the material well but that the questions were tripping me up. In fact, when I hit the final submit button I was honestly worried that I had failed. Imagine my surprise when the score came back as 897/900! I obviously did a lot better than I thought I had did since I got a near perfect score.

Monday, it is on to the next cert and I’ll talk about that more in my next post. Today and this weekend, I celebrate. 🙂


3 comments on “Passed Security+

  1. Congrats. Is this something that can be achieved by self study and using a test lab? Or do you need some real world experience? i am sitting for it in a couple of weeks and want know what i should expect, i know each test is different.

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