Loss – Rescheduled Test

As I posted here back on April 1st, I was all set to take the Security+ exam on April 12th. However, on April 2nd at 11:30pm my mother passed away which spun my life into disorder for about a week. I missed a solid week of classes as well as got absolutely no self-studying done. Therefore, I was forced to push my test date back to my original goal date of April 19th. Even that feels closer than I would like at the moment as I have been very busy trying to get caught up in my college classes while helping my family through this dark time.

The week off has been an emotional roller coaster and my motivation and confidence have been affected to some degree. I debated whether I even wanted to address this issue here, but decided I should since life is part of the process and does affect the journey. Sometimes life can be great and other times not so much. However, I know my mom would want me to get right back on the horse and keep traveling so that is what I plan to do. I still need to get chapters 9-11 of Darril’s book read as well as the final couple of chapters in Ciampa’s book. Hopefully, I can get all that completed by Saturday and start my review before the test on the 19th.


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