Security+ Test Scheduled for April 12th

I have been checking EBay daily for Security+ vouchers and one finally came onto the radar scope the other day. I managed to pick one up for $210 which is a $67 discount off the regular price. This was an ‘expiring soon’ voucher that had to be used by April 30th. However, as my original goal date for the test was April 19th, this was perfect for me. I am actually running ahead of my original goal date so I used the voucher immediately and scheduled the test for April 12th. This will help motivate be to get the final push done while not leaving too much slack time to forget things.

I still have chapters 9, 10, and 11 to complete in Darril Gibson’s book and I honestly haven’t had a chance to get to it since finishing chapter 8 on the 28th. Funny thing is that it feels like a long time ago but as I write this I am realizing that it was only 4 days ago. I am hoping to get chapter 9 read later tonight and then finish the book during the week. After that it will be on to practice tests, review, and re-reading on weaker areas based on the results of practice testing.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Cisco topics as well and will discuss that in some future blog posts.


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