Couldn’t wait to take a Security+ practice test

I finished reading chapter 8 of Darril Gibson’s book tonight and once I do the review questions in the morning I’ll be ready for chapter 9. I was getting curious as to how I was doing and wanted to get a little progress measurement so a few minutes ago I went over to the CompTIA site and took the 100 question practice test. Here are the results:


I am encouraged by the result for a couple of reasons:

1. The areas I scored the lowest in are coming up in the next 3 chapters of Darril’s book so I haven’t really even studied that material yet.

2. I remember the practice test for the Network+ exam being harder than the actual exam.

Furthermore, I’l have some additional convergence in the areas of Cryptography and Business Continuity in the near future as those chapters are coming up next in the Ciampa book I am using in my Network Security class.

Overall, I’m feeling fairly good about the Security+ studying. I’m feeling confident at this point but not overconfident.


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