Finished Chapter 6 – Convergence

Since my last post, I’ve managed to get chapters 5 and 6 of Darril Gibson’s book read and I’ve completed the end of chapter review questions for those chapters. There has been a bit of convergence lately with my community college classes. For example, chapter 4 of Darril’s book covers wireless security which is the same as Chapter 8 of Mark Ciampa’s book. We just covered chapter 8 in class last Thursday so I felt like I got a double dose on the topic. Tonight in my A+ class we’ll be covering chapters 9 and 16 in the IT Hardware Essentials book by Cisco. Both these chapters are on security and cover topics such as security policy, viruses, worms, trojans, etc. So it seems as if I have been getting security material on all fronts recently. After class tonight I’ll be watching Survivor from the DVR and after someone gets booted off the island it is on to chapter 7 in Darril’s book.


4 comments on “Finished Chapter 6 – Convergence

  1. Thanks. I am adding your blog to my Google Reader list as we speak. I was looking at your Timeline page and thought that was very cool. It makes me want to do one of those. They say imitation is flattery. 🙂

  2. I’m also reading Darril’s book…for someone with only a Network+ cert., I don’t understand how you were able to read (and retain) up to 4 chapters of the book in a week’s time? That’s pretty insane…

    • Although I only have a Network+ certification I have a lot of background in IT. On average I would say each chapter took around 2-3 hours to read. I would often start around 9-10pm when everyone was sleeping and it was nice in quite. I would then go to bed a lay there for awhile thinking about what I had just read before drifting off to sleep. The next afternoon, I would do the end of chapter reviews questions to make sure I comprehended the material well enough. Monday through Thursday were my best study nights so I could get 4 chapters done in a week as long as I got to it everyone of those nights. On top of that, I was reading the Ciampa book for my class at school and attending the lecture for 2-3 hours on Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm so I was getting some double dosage at time, For example, as I mentioned in the original post, I was covering material in Darril’s book that we covered in class / Ciampa book. 🙂

      Overall, I prep time was 45 days with Darril’s which is what he recommends as a window for it.

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