Question of the Day and Update

I’ve been using Pearson’s Question of the Day newsletter for around a month now and find it is a good way to start my day when checking e-mail. Basically, you go to Pearson’s Newsletter Sign Up page, check off the boxes for the relevant exams you are working on, enter your e-mail address, and click on the Sign Me Up button. What happens then is that every weekday you will receive a short e-mail with a relevant practice test question. It shows you which book the question comes from and I have found them to normally be in the Exam Cram series of books. You read the question and click on the link to compare your answer to the correct one along with a short explanation. I’m currently subscribed to the A+, Security+, ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA lists so I get 5 questions a day. It’s a pretty nice resource that gives you short chunks of information to process. Sometimes I find myself do a short bit of research after I miss a particular question and I feel that helps the overall goal without being too time consuming.

An update on the Security+ front: I’m through Chapter 4 and will start reading Chapter 5 tonight when the house gets quiet. I’ve managed to listen to the companion Q&A podcasts through Chapter 4 as well. Yesterday I was in the car with the wife and listening to the Q&A on Chapters 3 and 4 and as I was blurting out the answers along with the audio when my wife exclaimed: “If you already know the answers then why are are you listening to it”. I explained that this was exactly the point to the whole thing and that being able to hear the questions and then respond with the correct answer was a good thing.


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