Passed Network+

I got back from the testing center a little while ago with a big smile on my face. I scored 845 out of 900. A passing score was 720 so I definitely wasn’t on the border. According to my quick math, that is around 93% which was consistent with practice test yesterday. I finished the test in about 30 minutes and found myself literally rushing through it. A couple of times I told myself to slow down followed by telling myself to keep going. I kept looking at the question number at the top of the screen and was just counting down until it was over. It was as if I needed to get it done fast as possible just to get to the score. The Todd Lammle book prepared me well and there was nothing on the test I had not seen in the book. I finished the last question, clicked finish, and took a deep breath as I waited for the score to appear. However, no score appeared as the first of fifteen CompTIA demographic questions popped up. I flew through those in less than a minute and clicked finish again. There was a slight delay (my heart skipped a beat) and the 845 / 900 appeared on the screen along with a congratulations message. I went from anxious to excited in nanoseconds and couldn’t contain my ear to ear grin.

One Goal Achieved!

Next up, I start studying for the Security+ exam.


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