Countdown – Network+ Exam

Exam prices are high. In fact, Cisco recently raised the price of their exams. As I was approaching the end of my CompTIA Network+ self-study I started looking for deals on exam vouchers. The normal price of the voucher is $253 which I consider to be about double the price for the value of this particular certification. I was searching EBay earlier today and found a listing that had a total of 8 Network+ vouchers for sale with 2 having been sold already. The price was $125 but there was a catch. These vouchers were expiring on March 7th, 2012 and had to be used quickly. I’ve completed 19 of 20 chapters in my study material and have taken the bonus practice exams already so I am only a couple of days away from completing my self-study and review. I had basically set a timeframe of March 5th – 11th for taking the exam so while “before the 7th” was a little early in this window, it is still in the window. I purchased the voucher and am registered to take the exam on March 6th. I plan to finish chapter 20 this weekend and use Monday the 5th as a full day/night review of the material. While I am a little anxious about the exam I know in my heart that waiting longer just makes the material less fresh in my mind. I am reasonably confident at this point but also still nervous about failing. I’ll post my results either way after I take the test.


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