Network+ Progress

I completed chapter 10 of Todd Lammle’s Network+ book (for the N10-004 exam) last night which covered routing protocols. A lot of this Network+ material seems applicable to Cisco’s ICND 1 exam as well. We’re talking OSI model, subnetting, routing protocols, and physical/logical network topology. However, I think the CompTIA test will be significantly different. For example, I just took the sample test on CompTIA’s web site and scored 77%. A passing score is 80% so this doesn’t give me a lot of confidence at this point except for that the fact that I am only 1/2 way through the material. There was not a single subnetting question which is hard to believe. Nor were there any questions on routing protocols or switching. Thus far my experience with CompTIA questions leaves me wondering who wrote these obscure, confusing, and irrelevant questions. I’m hoping the real exam questions are much better. Once I finish the book I’ll seek out more practice exams.


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