The beginning (sort of)

Events have been in motion for a few months now but I am now reaching the stage where it is time to start really preparing for the certifications I want to achieve.

My Goals

1. CompTIA Network+
2. CompTIA A+
3. CompTIA Security+
4. Cisco CCENT
5. Cisco CCNA
6. Decide which Cisco certification to work on next

My background

I was a full-time uncertified Network Engineer working for a Fortune 500 company when I decided to pursue an opportunity with a small Mac software developer doing support, marketing, documentation, etc. I spent 3 years working in that capacity and when things did not work out I found myself out of a job. After being out of networking for 3 years I was finding it tough to break back in. Employers seemed to be more concerned about college degrees (which I do not have) and IT certifications. So I decided to go back to school and at least pick up an Associate’s Degree in Data Networking. A local community college offered this program and was also a Cisco Networking Academy. Many of the classes in the program are designed around IT certifications so it was exactly what I was needing. I’ll pick up a degree and IT certifications along the way!

Where Am I Now?

I’m currently taking the IT Hardware Essentials course which is aligned with the CompTIA A+ objectives. I plan to take the test immediately after the semester is over.

I’m currently taking a Network Security class which also is aligned with the CompTIA Security A+ objectives. Just like the A+, I plan to take the test after the semester is over and the information is fresh in my mind.

I do not have any classes aligned with this certification but I have enough background that I self-studying for this at the present time using Lammle’s Network+ book.

This is where the rubber is really going to start hitting the road. At the end of this semester I will have completed the second CCNA Discovery course in the Cisco Networking Academy. It is recommended to take the ICND 1 test at this point. However, I plan to read Odom’s ICND 1 book as well as the pertinent Lammle material. After the semester is over I plan to get started on the 31 Days until your CCENT book. (links to all books can be found from the menu above)

Why the blog?

I want to share the experience with others and hopefully get some feedback and resources from those who may stumble upon this little corner of the “interwebs”. I’ll be posting more very soon and hope to post at least once a day letting everyone know what I am doing.

Comments and feedback welcome


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